To help students learn and practice the basics of PowerPoint, I assigned the students the following requirements.

  • Needs to be on a school related topic – PowerPoint has math, science, s.s, or ELA included
  • There needs to be 5 slides per student (1-5; 2-10; 3-15; 4;20)
  • Each slide needs a background design
  • There needs to be a transition between each slide
  • There needs to at least one animation (action) on each slide

I allowed students to choose if they wanted to work alone or in a group with a maximum of four students. The students were free to choose their topic as long as it was related to their learning. Some of the common topics were the colonies, space, energy, and fractions. Even though these PowerPoints took months to complete, students stayed engaged and eager to continue work on them.

Samples coming soon