Physical Education Department Discipline Policy


Physical Education Department Discipline Policy

In order to guarantee a safe environment for all of the students, the Health and Menendez P.E. Department has developed the following discipline policy that will be in effect at all times.
1. Food, drinks, chewing gum WILL NOT BE PERMITTED in the gym, hallways, or locker rooms.
2. Students must dress in the required uniform.
3. Inappropriate behavior (fighting, cursing, disrespect) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
4.Students must be on time for class. Students will have ample time to dress out for class. Students must be at their designated areas for roll call five minutes after the tardy bell has rung.

5. Students should not use any equipment (racquets, balls, weights, weight machines, etc.) until their teacher has given them permission. Please use the equipment safely and for its intended purpose under the supervision of their teacher.
6. All students are to remain in the gym or the locker rooms until the bell rings. Students found outside of the gym or in the courtyard BEFORE THE BELL RINGS WILL BE REFERRED TO THE DEANS’ OFFICE.
7. The St. Johns County School Board does not allow the use of MP3’s iPODS, or any other analog or digital music devices, including cell phones. The students will be referred to the Dean’s office and the device will be confiscated and turned over to the Dean’s Office.
8. All school district and Menendez High School rules are in affect during all P.E. classes. Students who are in violation of any of the class, school, or district policies will be referred to the Deans’ Office. If a student has a question about any assignment or rule, he/she should ask their teacher.

Thank you, students and parents for taking the time to read the P.E. Classroom Management and Discipline Policies. We hope that this has clearly explained what our goals and expectations are for our students. Their safety and well-being is our first concern. In addition, we hope that they gain both knowledge and enjoyment from their time with us.


 The Menendez Health and P.E. Department