Classroom Management Policies

Dear Students and Parents,

The Health and Physical Education Department would like to welcome you to Pedro Menendez High School. The staff of PMHS is looking forward to working with you in any way possible to assure your success. If you should have any concerns about our program policies, please contact the Physical Education teachers at any time by calling us at 547-8660. Not all teachers have a classroom phone, so an email may get a faster reply. The email list is listed below:

1. Vicki Clements – vicky.[email protected]

 2. Steve Melgard –steve.[email protected]

3. Joey Lippo- [email protected]

The following guidelines and policies have been established to ensure that your child receives proper guidance and to ensure their safety throughout the school year.

“The Health and Physical Education Deparment of Pedro Menendez High School is committed to assisting your child toward a successful year in Physical Education.”

1. Dressing out for Physical Education:
All students are required to dress out in the required PE uniform on the days that their class dresses out. Uniforms may be purchased through the PMHS Athletic Booster. Students have one week to purchase the uniform before points are deducted. However, if the uniform is being washed or has not been purchased, the student may wear an alternate outfit that meets the school districts dress code policy. Students should check with their teacher concerning any point deductions.

UNIFORM: May be purchased for $20 from the Athletic Booster.

SHOES: Tennis shoes or sneakers with laces MUST be worn in all PE classes. Flip-flops, boots, cleats, etc. are not permitted.

 2. Not Dressing Out For Physical Education:
Students who do not dress out in the required PE uniform and tennis shoes will have points deducted from their grade. Students will have to check with their teacher concerning the grading policy for that class. If the PE uniform is being washed the student will be allowed to wear an alternate uniform for that day as long as they bring a note from their parent/guardian. If a student’s uniform is lost, the student will have one week to replace it. However, they are expected to wear an alternate uniform until it is replaced. Denim is not allowed, and the clothes must meet the school district’s dress code policy.

3. Excuses
All students shall be required to participate fully in all PE classes. However, if a student is recovering from an illness or injury, and will not be able to participate for an extended period of time, a doctor’s note stating both the limitations and the duration of the recovery or rehabilitation period. If a student can not participate for 1-2 days due to a minor illness or injury, than that student needs to bring a note from a parent or guardian stating the reason and limitations. (No more than 3 parental letters are allowed in a 9 weeks.) Any illness or injury thereafter must be accompanied by a physician’s note or there will be a reduction in grade. If a student has a chronic or serious health risk, (asthma, diabetes, heart, etc.), please write a note and attach a doctor’s note to it stating what the condition is. Students should also discuss their illness with their teacher so that the teacher.

4. Boys and Girls Lockers:
Each student will be assigned a locker in the boys/girls locker room. This locker will be specifically used for physical education, not as a book locker or for other personal belongings, as access to the locker room is allowed only during their assigned PE period. For personal hygiene concerns, students are encouraged to shower after participating in activities. A towel and hygiene products must be brought in by the students. Please enter the gym through the side hallway doors (nearest office) from courtyard. After class, please exit through the locker room doors into the courtyard.

5. Locks:
Students must purchase a locker for $5.00. Combination Lock provided. 

6. First Aid/Injury:
Students must report all injuries to their PE teacher immediately, no matter how minor. An accident report must be on file with the school within 24 hours by the supervising teacher.

7. Grading System:
H.O.P.E. and Physical Education activity classes have different course requirements, so students should check with their teachers about their grading system.

8. Gymnasium:
The Physical Education Department takes great pride in our facility and we consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to teach in this state of the art facility. We expect you to take ownership and also develop a sense of pride.

Absolutely No food, drinks, or gum allowed in the gym for any reason at anytime. Thank you.