Class Syllabus


INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Marian Campbell

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course, students will explore a variety of computer topics and software use as well as learn keyboarding skills. A major component of our class is Reading Plus 4.0, an online self-paced reading program.  Students are expected to work on reading skills 30-45 minutes of each class period.  Students will be taught how to create digital documents that include multimedia, such as photos, clipart, and web links, using Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 2013. Most importantly, we have the privilege of participating in the ICT (Information & Communications Technology) initiatives by the state as part of the CAPE (Career and Professional Education) Act. Students will receive instruction in Presentation Software and Graphics Software, and have the ability to earn industry certification in the area of Multimedia.


  1. Computer Basics
  2. Keyboarding
  3. CyberSecurity
  4. Reading Plus 4.0
  5. Microsoft Word 2013
  6. ICT Curriculum

MATERIALS: Required Daily

  1. Pen/Pencil
  2. A book to read
  3. (Opt.) USB Flash Drive, preferably on a lanyard.


  1. When you arrive to class, take your seat immediately, log in and refer to the board for tasks of the day or activities to begin.
  2. Any disruption or damage to computers or lab equipment will result in a discipline referral and a call home.
  4. It is your responsibility to maintain eligibility to use the school’s computers and Internet.
  5. Arrive on time.  After three tardies, referral will be written for lunch detention.
  6. Stay seated in your chair until the bell rings.
  7. Push in your chair when you leave.


  1. Conference with teacher
  2. Demerit/contact parent
  3. Loss of computer time


  • 1st Demerit (warning) teacher emails or calls home to inform parent.
  • 2nd Demerit (reteach expectations) teacher emails or calls home.
  • 3rd Demerit (reteach expectations) teacher emails or calls home.
  • 4th Demerit (Dean intervention) Dean contacts parents
  • 5th Demerit or more—Dean intervention and loss of reward field trip or activity.

*Demerits are tracked school-wide.  Teachers will document demerits so that all teachers who teach that student are aware of the demerit and the reason for it.

TARDIES: Tardies will be tracked for individual classes. The third tardy will result in lunch detention.

GRADES:Grading will be 80% summative (tests and projects) and 20% general (classwork and homework).  Students are allowed to make up tests in which they scores below 60% with a plan to learn the material. Students may receive no higher than a 75% on retakes, regardless of the score.

READING PLUS:A common core aligned computer program will be used daily at the beginning of class.  The program will engage students with complex, but high interest text.  It will target all areas required to make our students even more successful with reading and test taking and adjusts to give each student a personalized program.  The 4.0 version is very much ready for a 21st century learner.  Students can access the Reading Plus program from home. Last year’s sixth graders scored the highest in the entire district in Reading on FCAT and we believe it is largely because of this program!


  1. The school policy on absences and make-up work will be followed (found in student handbook).
  2. Students are responsible for any assignments they miss due to an absence.
  3. Any handouts or worksheets you missed will be in a basket located on a shelf in the front of our classroom.
  4. You must speak with me to schedule the make-up of any test or quiz you miss.