Mr. Bruns – AP World History, AP Art History, & AP Euro History

Welcome to Advanced Placement

Things that you will need to be successful in this class:

1. Large 3-ring binder divided into sections
     a. notes
     b. quizzes
     c. test results
     d. essays
     e. outside reading/synthesis material
2. College rule paper (lots and lots)
3. #2 pencils and black/blue pens
4. highlighters for marking material



Why do artists create self-portraits?








History of the World In 6 Glasses

History of the World in 6 Glasses Assignment

Audio File of HOTW6G

Chapters 1-2 Beer

Chapters 3-4 Wine Part 1

Chapter 3-4 Wine Part 2

Chapters 5-6 Spirit

Chapter 7-8 Coffee

Chapter 9-10 Tea

Chapter 11-12 Cola




APAH Flipped Classroom Lectures

Video Lecture Series

Flipped Classroom Rise of Rome

Flipped Classroom Fall of Rome

Flipped Classroom Han China

Compare and Contrast Rome and Han Empire

India 1500 BCE – Hinduism

Jainism and Buddhism Lecture

Mauryan and Gupta Lecture

Silk Road to Trans-Saharan Trade Assignment

Umayyad and Abbasid empires Flipped Classroom Lecture

Islamic Civilization Flipped Classroom lecture

Flipped Classroom Lecture Byzantine Empire

Flipped Classroom Medieval Europe Lecture

Flipped Classroom The Western Church

Flipped Classroom Lecture Kievan Rus

Flipped Classroom Lecture European Revival and the Crusades

Flipped Classroom Lecture Teotihucan

Flipped Classroom The Maya

Flipped Classroom Africa and Delhi Sultanate 1200 to 1500