Questions for the Barista

1. What are the Learning Cafe How To’s?
The Learning Cafe How To’s are the rules and procedures that help our classroom to run smoothly and allow us to manage our time effectively.
2. How do you do snack time?
In the Learning Cafe, each child brings his or her own snack everyday. I like the parents to pack a snack for their child because they know their child’s particular eating habits. The snack MUST be healthy. I will check snacks daily to make sure they are healthy and reserve the right to have the child pick something else to eat from their lunch box. We will not have snack on early release days (Wednesdays or the day before a major holiday).  If we have students in the class with Peanut Allergies, ANY FOOD eaten in class MUST BE NUT FREE.
3. What is a “Take Home” folder?
The “Take Home folder” is the folder that your child will bring home each night with them. In the “Take Home” folder is your child’s homework and plan sheet. Please send your child’s monthly plan sheet back SIGNED each day. Your child will also bring weekly work home in this folder to share with you (it does not need to be returned).
4. What is my child’s planner for?
The planner is where your child writes down his/her homework for the week. Special activities will also be placed in the planner. Please check to make sure your child has his/her spelling words written correctly in the planner and sign the planner EVERY night.
5. What is the quickest way to get in touch with Mrs. B?
If you have an EMERGENCY, please call the school office and they will get a message to me or put your call through to me IMMEDIATELY. If it is a question or a non emergency issue, please email me. I check my email throughout the day and this is the quickest way to get a response.
6. How should I send money to school?
Please put all money in an envelope or ziploc bag marked CLEARLY with your child’s name and what the money is for.Kindergarteners sometimes forget why mommy gave them $3.00… LABELING the bag or envelope will ensure that the money gets to the right place. We will be collecting $ for lunch,class trips,t-shirts,cl ass activities or projects and Scholastic Book Orders. PLEASE LABEL all money coming in. THANKS!
7. How do I set up a conference with Mrs. B?
Please email me and let me know what you would like to discuss and what dates and times you are available. I will then check my schedule and will get back with you. I will try my best to let you know a date and time that works with my schedule within 24 hours.
8. How can my child celebrate his/her birthday at school?
On the day of your child’s birthday, I will present your child with a card from me and we will sing happy birthday during our Morning Brew. You may send in a treat(please check with me about what you should send). Sometimes we have more than one birthday in a week and in that case we will celebrate those birthdays all on one day (usually Friday). Please do not send red juice,food with PEANUTS, balloons or presents to school. You may send water bottles and a snack to share with the class. Thank you for reserving those items for at home parties.
9. What happens if my child is hurt?
Students are infamous for finding small scratches on the playground or in the classroom. If the scratch is small, I will have them wash the scratch with soap and water and give them an adhesive bandage to apply. In the case of big scratches, cuts, bruises or bumps to the head or other body parts, I will send your child to the nurse with a buddy. The nurse will handle the procedure from there.

10. What do I need to do in the case of absence?
If your child is sick (with a fever, severe coughing,etc.)please keep him or
her at home. Please either email me a note or send one with your child when s/he returns to school. Please label note with FULL NAME, date(s) of absence and reason and sign the note. The note will be sent to Mrs. Mink in the office and she will determine if the absence is excused. Family trips/vacations are counted as unexcused. After 15 absences, students may only be absent if they are sick and have a doctor’s note when they return.

11. When is my child tardy to class?
Your child is tardy aftert 8:30 AM. Your child may enter the school building as
early as 8:10 AM. Please make sure your child is on time for class. If your child is late, you must WALK your child to the office and get a tardy note. Please do not drop your child off in front of the building.