Supply List

The following items must be with you at each class meeting, beginning DAY 1:

  • 1-2 Highlighters (preferably two different colors, replenish as needed)
  • pencils (replenish as needed)
  • 2 pens (1 blue or black and 1 colored pen, replenish as needed)
  • 1 composition book (dedicated to civics ONLY, AT LEAST 100 pages are needed in it)
  • 1 folder dedicated to Civics ONLY for homework or loose civics papers
  • a glue stick or mini stapler (donations of glue sticks are much appreciated!)
  • your digital civics binder (to be set up once we have computers issued)

What is a digital binder?
In civics, we will use OneNote to make a civics specific “binder” to keep our notes, digital handouts, and other items needed to prepare for our FL State Civics EOC.  Students will be expected to access this binder at home as needed in preparation for the state exam in May.