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The district is going through the accreditation process this year. We must have 80% completion on these two student surveys:

Student Inventory –

Student Survey –

PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEYS! Right now! Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go click on one of the links and take the survey. Then click on the other link and take that one too. Thank you!

My Schedule:

Period 1 English 4, College Prep
Period 2 English 4, College Prep
Period 3 English 4, College Prep
Period 4 Journalism 2-7
EXCEL TIME Available during EXCEL TIME A for:
Make-up work, questions about assignments, help with assignments, questions about grades, and Happenstance and Vertical contributions.  If you need to see me outside of EXCEL TIME A, please schedule it with me ahead of time!
Period 5 Journalism 1
Period 6 IB Film
Period 7 Planning

Follow the links on the right to find what you’re looking for. Can’t find it? Email me at: