Murray Music Tech


Warm Up Websites

Home Access Center

Launchpad Arcade

BlokDust (Take the tour first)


Minimal Beat Machine

Rick Astley Remixer

Ableton Learn Music

Midi.Citi Synth


Using Sound Effects…..An Introduction

Intro Soundscape- Thunderstorm Project File

In addition to the hundreds of sound effects on Soundtrap you can find more below:

iLife Sound Effects (highest quality)

Audio Micro

Partners in Rhyme

ZapSplat– You have to create an account but there are ALOT of sounds here.




Mid Week Mashup

Mid Week Mashup Project File

Song Cuts- Final Day (25 Point Formative)

This is the final day to demonstrate that you know how to cut audio down to a shorter length. Today you will pick a song below of your choice, download it, and then cut it down to 45 seconds. No, you cannot make it even .00001 second longer and receive full credit.

Project File


Song Cuts (Part 2)

Cut the following songs to meet the needs of the scenarios below.

Scenario 1: 

Project File

Ben is auditioning for the MMS Musical and wants to perform his rendition of “Hotel California”.  When listening to the song, Ben realized that the guitar solo goes on for two minutes, ending the song with an awkward-never-ending moment in time. Use your ears to find a good place to cut the solo and then fade it out until the end. 

Scenario 2:

Project File

MrsBurkhardt wants to use the song “High Hopes” for an upcoming dance concert. She wants to start the song where the first verse begins while keeping the intro. Cut out the section of music between 16″-39″.

Scenario 3:

Project File

The local VSCO girl club wants to make a radio ad featuring the song “Bad Guy”. Cut this song down to be only one minute in length, while including at least 3 sections. 




Song Cuts (Part 1)

Project File

Today we are cutting 3 sections out of “Old Town Road”:

1st- Cut out the entire bridge (1’39” to 2’07”)

2nd/3rd- Cut out the entire intro/outro


The same keyboard shortcuts will be helpful:

Split Clip: Control+E 

Copy: Control+C

Paste: Control+V


Splitting/Editing Audio (Intro)

Project File


Billy Bob Music

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Split Clip: Control+E 

Copy: Control+C

Paste: Control+V





First Project- Working with Loops (50 Point Formative).

Teacher Example

Mr. Bond’s Class Project File

Track 1: Measure 1-25

Track 2: Measure 3-23

Track 3: Measure 5-21

Track 4: Measure 7-19

Track 5: Measure 9-17

Track 6: Measure 11-15

Creating a Soundtrap Account


Example: [email protected]

Once signed in, click “Education” and then enter the following Group Codes.

Mr. Mechoso: X9E974D

Objectives: Create a Soundtrap profile. This includes selecting a profile picture and wallpaper. Students will learn how to copy, paste, and save to the student share folder. Once completed students will begin exploring Soundtrap on their own or with the tutorials.