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Login: 55+student # (no S)
Example: Student # 123456 – 55123456
Password: First Initial First Name, First Initial Last Name, FULL Birthday
Example: Jane Doe born on January 1, 2003 – JD01012003

See below for upcoming important dates for each class!

Testing Schedule:
April 27th/28th – FSA Math
May 1st – FCAT Science
May 2nd/3rd – FSA Language Arts (ALL students will need headphones on these dates)
May 4th/5th – Algebra and Geometry EOC
May 10th – Biology EOC

Finals Schedule:
Tuesday, May 16th: Maroon 2 and Maroon 4
Wednesday, May 17th: Stingray and Silver 3
Thursday, May 18th: Maroon 3
Friday, May 19th: Silver 2 and Silver 4

Finals Blueprint, Quizlet, and Study Guide Packet:
Terms from First Semester Quizlet Review (Second Semester Terms Coming Soon!)
Final Exam Review 2017
Stingray and Silver 3
Maroon 3, Maroon 4, Silver 2, and Silver 4 (UPDATED 4/22/17)

 Required Supplies for this course:
AVID Binder
Loose Leaf Paper
Post-It Notes (for the classroom)
Several Blue or Black Ink (ONLY) Pens
Several #2 Pencils (for tests)
Colored Pencils/Crayons/Markers
Glue Sticks
Small, Blunt-End Scissors