Language Arts


Skill’s Block

* Identifying letters, identifying sounds, and practicing writing uppercase and lowercase letters correctly. 

* Syllables: you can clap it out, tap it out, or talk like a robot to figure it out! (table=2 syllables)

* Vowels: practice your short vowel sounds daily! Put a consonant in front and have your child blend it…they think it is so funny! (ex: ta, te, ti, to, tu)

Reader’s Workshop

* Practice retelling the story by talking about the beginning, middle, end.  Use transition words to help: first, next, the, last

*Read aloud to your child and have them echo your reading.

*Looking closley at the pictures to see how the illustrator both supports and adds to the story.


* Practicing correct letter formation.

* Make sure your sentence starts with a capital, has spaces, and ends with punctuation.

* Adding labels to our pictures by identifying at least the beginning/ending sound and writing them down.

* Creating great pictures by adding details and many colors.