Buggy Behavior

Classroom behavior is a big part of your child’s success in school.  Students only learn if they are engaged, and being engaged means follwing the rules, staying on task, and putting thier hearts into learning!  The class has learned that they are responsible for thier learning and they need to protect this time both for themselves and their friends.  Please know that I do realize that Kindergarteners are kids! I am aware that they are not going to make great choices ALL day EVERY day.  Our Class Behavior Chart gives the students a chance to manage their behavior throughout the day, while providing opportunities to move up and down the scale.  Each color gives the students a visual of their daily behaivor.  As thier actions change, thier behavior clip reflects it.  Behavior colors are recorded in the BEE Folder calendar for your viewing each day.   


Buggy Behavior Color Codes:

Blue – Beeing a Bugtastic Example

Green – Ready for Learning

Yellow – Buzzing in the Wrong Direction

Orange – Time to Turn Over a New Leaf

* Each student starts the day on GREEN. Being on green at the end of the day is our goal. Celebrate each day your child comes home on green!

* BLUE means they are going above and beyond. Please don’t expect your child to come home on blue everyday. 

***If a student’s behavior surpasses blue they will be “Off the Chart and Close to My Heart.” Their clip will be worn on my lanyard for the remainder of the day.  Clip rewards are listed below for when a student continues to be “Off the Chart!” 

jewel clipart

  • Beyond off the chart: Your child can continue to make great choices, set examples, and work hard.  If he or she is already off the chart a jewel can be earned.  When your child gets five jewels he/she may take the jeweled clip home and will receive a painted clip to use in the classroom!



CLASS LADYBUGS: When our class as a whole works together, gets a compliment in the hallway, or shows great behavior at resource/lunch we get to put a ladybug in the cup.  When are cup is full…it’s PARTY TIME!



PUNCH CARDS: In mid September we will start implementing punch cards in our class.  Once a students punch card is full they will be able to choose from a book of rewards. (treasure box, lunch with the teacher, sit at the teacher desk, wear a hat to school, etc.)