Mr. Barrett’s Home Page

Homework assignment usually revolve around the students learning the vocabulary neccessary to understand the concepts in our science class.  Vocabulary list should be completed by there due dates.  the list can be found on (the sign up links can be found on the left of the page.

Daily homework is to study the vocabulary (again quizlet is a good tool for this) and to complete any classwork not completed in class.  This may include their class summary which should be a paragraph about what they learned in class today. 

 There maybe additional homeworks as each class move forward.  Ninth Grade Honors classes should expect more homework than the eight grade classes.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me.  Thanks


8/27/2015 — If any student, who scored below a “B”,  wants to retake a vocabulary quiz they must first complete the vocabulary boxes  (on the left) for the quizzed list.