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Welcome to Mr. Arcuri’s class home page!

The Semester Exam will cover all of the chapters that we have covered so far this year!

Studying your note cards that you made from the highlighted yellow words and in class and your homework are the key to doing well on this exam.

Here are some games that may be helpful in preparing for the Mid-Term Exam.
They should be used along with your note cards, homework and your text book.

The password for each game is: lions

Here is brief synopsis of my class:

This year we will be covering topics in history beginning with geography, early
civilizations and moving through time to the Early Americans. We will be taking
a lot of notes and discussing the topics in each chapter during class time.

There will be a Current Event due every Monday unless there is a holiday, long
weekend or District/State testing. In the case that there is a holiday or long weekend no
Current Event will be due.

We will begin each chapter by reading each section in the textbook, making
note cards and taking vocabulary quizzes. Then, we will discuss a variety of topics from the chapter, review and then there will be an assessment. Some chapters will include a project to be completed at home or in class.

After each test, students need to read the next chapter and make note cards for each highlighted yellow term. There will be a quiz on the highlighted words within a day or two of the test.

All section and chapter reviews in the book will due on the date of that chapter’s test.

Section and chapter reviews should be completed in sentence form.

****Note cards are required to be made for each highlighted word from the chapter. The note cards will be checked on the test date and count toward the homework portion of your grade.***

Students should keep all note cards to study for the semester and final exams!!!!!!!!!

Supply List:

One binder/notebook with pockets

Several packs of 3 X 5 Note Cards

#2 pencils

Blue, Black and Red Pens

Notebook Paper

For helpful quizzes and games and other resources, go to:

To access the on-line text book:

Go to:

Current Event Assignments: (Template)


Summary of the article: 3 to 5 sentences

Your Response to the information: 3 to 5 sentences

Each Current Event must be typed!
You are required to attach the first page of the article!

 Scheduled Test, Projects, Quizzes, Homework and other Assignments:

1st Quarter:

Hurricane Tracking Chart Project Assigned:  ____  ( One plot, per day, per named storm!)

Chapter 1 HW:  Read Pages 1-21.  Make note cards for the high lighted yellow words. Then complete pages 22 – 24.  each question needs to be answered in sentence form!  Due on the day of the chapter 1 test.

The high lighted yellow words for chapter one:

1. eras  2. archeology  3.  artifacts 4.  paleontology  5.  fossils  6. anthropology  7.  species  8.  evidence  9.  primary sources  10.  secondary sources  11. point of view 12. bias 13. scholarly  14.  conclusion  15.  credentials  16.  URL  17.  .gov  18.  .edu  19.  .org  20.  plagarize

Current Event Due:  _____

Open House: ____ at 6:00pm for 6th Grade

Chapter 1 Test:

Please use the homework questions, textbook, workbook and note cards of the following words to study for the test!

Chapter 1 Homework: : due on the Chapter 1 test day

Be sure to have your note cards completed and bring them to class on the test day!

Chapter 3 reading assignment:  Read pages 51- 69

Chapter 3 Quiz: Spelling and capitalization counts!
The quiz will cover the following high lighted words:

1. Paleolithic Age  2.  nomads 3. ice ages  4. domesticate  5. Neolithic Age  6. systematic agriculture  7. shrines  8. specialization  9. Bronze Age 10.  monarchy

Current Event due:

No Current Event Due over the Labor Day Weekend!!!!!!

Chapter 3 HW:  pages 70 – 72.  Answer each question in sentence form.  Due on the day of the Chapter 3 test.

Chapter 3 Test:

Chapter 4 Reading Assignment:  pages 73 – 93.

Chapter 4 Quiz:
1. silt  2. irrigation  3.  city-states  4.  polytheism 5.  ziggurat  6.  cuneiform  7.  scribes  8.  epic  9.  empire  10.  tribute  11.  provinces  12. caravans  13.  astronomers

DBQ Project: Hammurabi’s Code: Is It Just? In Research Class!

Chapter 4 assessments due:
Pages 94 – 96.  Every question should be in sentence form.  Due on the Chapter 4 Test day.

Chapter 4 Test:

2nd Quarter:

Chapter 5 Reading Assignment:  Pages 97 – 133

Chapter 5 Quiz:
1.  cataracts  2.  delta  3. shadoof  4.  papyrus  5.  hieroglyphics  6.  dynasty  7. theocracy  8.  pharoah  9.  bureacrats  10.  embalming  11.  pyramids  12.  incense 13.  envoys  14.  savannas  15.  textiles

Current Events due:

Chapter 5 Test: 

Chapter 5 assessments:  pages 134 – 136.  Each question should be answered in sentence form. Due on the day of the chapter 5 test.

Hurricane tracking Charts Due:

Chapter 9 reading assignment:  pages 245 – 271

Chapter 9 Quiz:

Highlighted words for the Chapter 9 Quiz:
1. subcontinent 2. monsoons 3. language families  4.  raja  5.  Sanskrit  6.  Vedas  7.  guru  8.  Hinduism  9.  Brahman  10. Reincarnation
11. karma 12.  dharma  13. Buddhism  14. nirvana 15. Jainism  16.  stupas  17.  pilgrims  18.  Bhagavad Gita

Chapter 9 Test:  for 11/4 for A Classes and HR  11/7 for B Classes

Chapter 9 reviews:  pages 272 – 274Due on the day of the Chapter 9 test.

Current Event due:


Highlighted words for the Chapter 6 Quiz:
1. jade 2. oracle 3. lords 4. peasants 5. ethics 6. Daoism 7. legalism 8. Great Wall
9. sundial 10. seismograph 11. acupuncture 12. silk 13. Silk Road 14. diffusion 15. Confucianism

Chapter 6 Reviews and assessments due:

Chapter 6 Test:

DAR Essay Due:  (Must be typed, include a title page and a bibliography. Refer to the handout for details.)

Chapter 14 Quiz:

Highlighted Yellow Words for Chapter 14: 1.  Period of Disunion 2.  Grand Canal 3.  porcelain 4.  woodblock printing 5.  gunpowder 6.  compass 7.  bureaucracy 8.  civil service 9.  scholar official 10.  Isolation

Silk Road DBQ Project! Will be completed in class.

Chapter 14 Reviews due:


The holiday season is rapidly approaching.  With that being said, we need to be sure that we do not send in any food items as gifts to myself or the school.  We have several students with severe allergies and we need to be mindful.

Gift cards are greatly appreciated and keep all of our students and faculty safe from allergies.

In lieu of gift cards donations can be made to the Griffin Moody Scholarship Fund. 

Information for donations can be found at

Thank you,

Greg Arcuri

Semester Exam Schedule

The Semester Exam will cover chapters 1-6 plus chapter 14.

Studying your note cards that you made from the highlighted yellow words and in class and your homework are the
key to doing well on this exam.

Here are some games that may be helpful in preparing for the Quarter Exam.
They should be used along with your note cards, homework and your text book.

The password for each game is: lions


3rd Quarter:

Chapter 7 Quiz:

Current Event due:

No Current Event due on MLK Jr. Birthday (Long Weekend)

Chapter 7 Reviews and note cards due: 

Chapter 7 Test:

Read Chapter 8:

Make Note Cards for 10 highlighted yellow words: ( polis, classical age, acropolis, democracy, aristocrats, oligarchy, citizens, tyrant, mythology fables)

Chapter 8 Quiz:

Current Event Due: 

Current Event due: 

Greek Mythology Project (In Class) Due: 

Current Event:

Make Note Cards for the 7 highlighted yellow words from chapter 9:  (cavalry, Persian Wars, alliance, Peloponnesian War, phalanx, Hellenistic, reason)

Chapter 9 Quiz: Spelling counts!%

Chapter 8 & 9 Test:  Friday 2/24 for B Classes  2/27 for A classes and 4 AB

Greek Packet: Due on the day of the chapter 8 & 9 test.

Chapter 8 and 9 homework due on the Chapter 8 & 9 Test Day: (Pages 233 1-4, 241 1-4, 249 1-4, 253 1-10)  Chapter 9 homework: (Pages 265 1-4, 271 1-4, 276 1-4, 282 1-4, 285 1-10) due:   2/27 for A and AB Classes  2/24  for B Classes

FSA Writing Test: 2/28 During B1

No Current Event due:  2/21 and 2/22 for A and AB Classes for B Classes

DBQ Project Due for all classes: 3/10

Spring Break: 3/13 – 3/20

4th Quarter:

Chapter 10 Quiz:  3/23 for A classes and Homeroom   for B classes

Current Event Due  3/24 for AB and B Classes and for  A classes.

Current Event Due:  3/27 for A classes and Homeroom  3/28 for B classes

Chapter 10 test:    4/3 for B and  AB Classes and  4/4 for A Classes.

Chapter 10 reviews:  Due on the the day of the Chapter 10 Test (pages 299 1-4, 307 1-4, 313 1-4, 315 1-13)

Chapter 11 Quiz: 4/5 for B classes and Homeroom, 4/6 for A classes

Chapter 11 Test:  ____ for B Classes and Homeroom and  for ____ A Classes

Chapter 11 reviews:  Due on the the day of the Chapter 11 Test (pages 328 1-5, 338 1-5, 343 1-4, 345 1-7)

Chapter 11 Note Cards, Homework pages and handouts due: _____ for A and AB Classes and _____ for B Classes.

Current Event Due:   _____ for A &AB Classes or _____ for B Classes

DBQ Project: Fall of Rome essay due:  _____ for A classes and  _____ for B classes and homeroom

Chapter 16 Quiz:

Chapter 16 Section Assessments and Chapter Review  and handouts due:  ____ for A classes and homeroom ____ for B classes

Final Exam:   for 1A & 2A,   for 1B & 2B,   for 3A and HR,   for 3B.

The Final Exam will cover the entire year.  Please study your note cards and study guide to help prepare yourself for the Exam!

The following Jeopardy games should be very helpful in studying for the Final Exam.

The password for each game is: lions


Text Book Turn-In:

Last day of school!