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Meet Mrs. Apolinario and family…

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The Apolinario Family: Jonathan, Mr. ‘A,’ Mrs. ‘A,’ and Jeremy


Personally speaking… We have lived in Jacksonville since moving from south Florida in 1999.
I taught preschool for six years, and have worked for St. Johns county since moving here.
Mr. ‘A’ and I have been married 33 years and have two grown sons, Jonathan and Jeremy.
I love sports (have to!) and reading and math and… learning!
Goals for the year:
Students will be organized, responsible, and active learners of our standards… and more!
My expectations are high!
I believe the students should follow the six Pillars of Character to become “Good Jaguars”-
we ALL should!
I believe the students should realize that all of their decisions have consequences –
good or bad – their choice,
and that they must take responsibility for their decisions – good or bad.
We all have busy lives, so we all have to set priorities –
I think that homework is up there at the top
(although we try to keep it quite manageable!)
I have to come to school prepared for the day… so do my students!
Parents can best help their students by talking with them
(find a way to MAKE your students talk about their assignments, school days, friends, etc.!)
Also, ask if they need supplies so they can come to class prepared.


Homework Policy:
Homework should be practice of class lessons,
and should not take much more than an hour each day.
If a student is consistently spending more than an hour on homework,
I should be contacted immediately.


Assignment Due Dates:
Students are responsible to turn in assignments
(classwork and homework) on the date they are due.
If an assignment is late, full credit is not possible.
If a student is absent, and the absence is excused,
the county guidelines will be followed for make-up assignments without penalty.
Keep in mind, class discussions and activities can rarely be made up,
so attendance is VERY important!
This is a very important aspect of your child’s education.
We need to work together to ensure a successful year!
These are the communication possibilities:
note sent in with student, or you are welcome to schedule a conference
for before or after school.
E-mail is best… unless you are stopping by!
Remember, if you send a note, your child is responsible for delivering it!


I teach math and science,
and my partner, Ms. Landen, teaches language arts and social studies.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.
We WANT to hear from you and talk with you,
and we want your child to be successful!
Thanks in advance for your caring and support!


PE Days require sneakers and appropriate clothing… a water bottle would be great, too!


Cathy Apolinario : )