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Vocabulary Expectation For All  Classes: every class is given a vocabulary list for each unit. It is a class expectation that vocabulary is a self guided homework assignment. Students should use their textbooks or Quizlet for finding the definitions. Vocabulary words and definitions are to be written in the back of their science notebooks. Vocabulary will be assigned at the beginning of each unit and will be checked the following week, before the vocabulary quiz. Vocabulary lists are on each Unit Scale, which should be in each student’s interactive science notebook.

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Interactive Science Notebook Expectations: students in all classes are expected to keep a spiral bound or composition notebook that is brought to every class. Students are expected to complete daily bell work, as well as recording any notes, classwork or practice into the notebook every day. Handouts or worksheets are to be taped, stapled or glued in on the right side page each day. Graded work will be put into the notebook as the work is returned. Daily Notes Review is a standard homework expectation.