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Students are expected to come to class to take notes and discuss materials presented in class.  If a student misses a class the student needs to email me for the specific notes that were missed.  I will email the notes to the students and they must hand copy those notes into their notebook and show them to me for credit.  The student may also copy the notes from a friend that was present in class.  The most important part is that the notes are copied.  It is better to email me, because there are graphics, links, and photos associated with most of my notes.

Objective sheets – Students will be provided an objective sheet for each chapter of the book.  These sheets must be filled in before the student takes the chapter test.  These objective sheets MUST be saved till the end of the school year.  The sheets will be graded periodically throughout the year and they will be worth one TEST grade at the end of the year.  These objective sheets will also be the State EOC study guide for the student. Students will be given time in class periodically to fill in the objective sheet, but the expectation is that the student complete them at home also.

I do not assign much homework.  I have elected to allow students who need extra help, or who would like extra credit points, to complete one homework assignment per chapter.  This extra credit work needs to be turned in before the chapter test.  All students will be given a guided reading workbook.  This workbook will be the main extra credit homework, but I will also allow my standard students to make vocabulary index cards per chapter, and my honors students may elect to use the textbook and answer questions directly from the textbook.  I will also be happy to discuss other forms of homework if a student has another preference.  Students may choose what works best for them.

All honors students are required to complete a capstone project and this will be in the form of the history fair.  I will provide more information on this in class.


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