What’s Going on now!

The first quarter is quickly coming to an end.  Please encourage your child to complete all assignments and turn them in.

Several papers (as many as 8 people on one assignment) are being turned in without names identifying the owner of the paper (despite reminders when I pass out the paper and when I ask them to turn it in).  If this pattern continues next quarter, students may be asked to practice writing their name at home.  (I’m going old school!)

We have a spelling test this Friday.  The word list includes the seven days of the week and the twelve months of the year.

More updates to come!!  🙂

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Parent-Teacher Conference

All of you should have received an email with a link to sign up for a parent-teacher conference.  If you did not receive one, please click the button below.  I would love to meet with all of you to plan out how to make the final year of Elementary school the best!!  

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Separating Mixtures Lab


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Scientists at Work

We have just completed our first Science Investigation Stations on the Properties of Matter.  The students did an incredible job using texture, mass, volume, and temperature to describe different states of matter.


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Honeymoon is Over

We had a great first week!!  But yes, sadly, the honeymoon is over.  We had two quizzes on Friday (vocab and geography), and will be taking the iReady diagnostic Monday and Tuesday.

Please mark your calendar for curriculum night on August 30th.  I have something very unique to share with you, and I would love it if everyone could attend.

Please practice the times tables every night.  We are currently working on only the 2 times tables.  Students must answer 100 problems in two minutes.  It’s tough, but with practice, everyone can improve by at least 1 problem each time. 🙂  We have had one student pass the 2’s already.  CONGRATULATIONS DARRENIZIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please check the website frequently.  I am going to try to update it throughout the week.

WACKY WEDNESDAY is this Wednesday. Please wear running shoes and bring a water bottle.

I look forward to a great 2nd week of school!  

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Meet Ms Allen

Welcome 5th graders to Ms. Allen’s class!

Closely Control Children

I am so excited to meet you and begin our work together.  This will be my 5th year of being a Mason Manatee.  Prior to living in the Sunshine State, I was a Georgia Peach.  I grew up just outside of Athens, GA–GO DAWGS!!!  But, I spent most of adulthood in Atlanta.  I have taught 4th and 5th grades (most 5th), and I have also taught grades K-5 in a gifted pull out program.

When I am not teaching, you may find me at the beach reading a book or looking for shark’s teeth.  In town, I enjoy running and am currently training for some half marathons.  Last year, I ran my first and ONLY marathon.   I’m looking forward to getting in some extra training sessions during teacher led PE as we get ready for the Character Cup Elementary Olympics (more info to come about the Olympics).

For more information about upcoming activities we will do during class, please click on the following link to access the Allen All Access Vol 1 newsletter.

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